Essential Drawing Skills Workshop

This Workshop is for those wishing to improve and develop

their drawing skills, to sketch with increased confidence,

brush up on your perspective skills, proportion, line, tone

and develop shading techniques.
To assist you, to develop an individual and expressive

pproach to drawing and sketch more accurately from


Suitable for Beginners and Improvers.


Time: 10am to 4pm.



Contact me to book your space by email:

Via my websiteArt with Yvette

or Phone: 07886 343621

Materials and Equipment List:

I have spare for use during the workshop, but it is always good to work with your own if you have them.

 A range of Pencils, i.e.  HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B.  (I have spare used ones you can use)

 White Cartridge Paper (not too thin, approx 120 gsm weight or more)

 Paper Blenders (I have spare you can use)

 A normal white Eraser.

 A grey Knead-able Eraser (not the cream putty eraser)

 Charcoal (I have spare)

 A few sheets of kitchen roll.

And a Pack up Lunch.

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